Catwoman astrological sign

Plus the love of animals, which is Pisces or Virgo. Since I think Batman is a Scorpio Sun, this would make their Sun's trine, in elemental harmony, giving them an innate understanding of one another. I also put her Sun in the 12th house, just like Batman. She hides behind a mask as well, and again, it goes to their understanding of one another.

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That would make her an Aries Rising , which I like because she comes across as someone who can take care of herself, independent, strong. This is also trine Batman's Sagittarius rising, giving more of that elemental harmony. I put her Mercury in Pisces and the 12th house as well, amplifying her Piscean flow. The conjunction in particular shows major chemistry. I would put her Venus on her AC 1st house cusp because Catwoman oozes sex appeal, and this position tends to do that think Angelina Jolie.

Female Superheroes That Match Your Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Moon and the 8th house might make more sense given her violent home life, and Mars in an earth sign Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn would help give her that earthy sensuality. So does Catwoman, so I'd bet she has a prominent asteroid Black. Reciprocal Link: www.


Privacy Policy. Ruler of 7th house in 2nd: You want a partner who brings in money and someone you could benefit from. They must add value to you and treat you like family.

You emphasize stability and desire a long term relationship. They are probably younger than you and fit into your local network. Ruler of 7th house in 4th: Your ideal partner is likely a homebody and respects family life. Someone with the same homeland and cultural values. Ruler of 7th house in 5th: You desire someone that enjoys the same hobbies and sports.

They must love children and express their creativity freely. You are drawn to playful and fun types of people.

Follow These 10 Famous Scorpios

They must be neat, messy people will turn you off immediately. You choose someone who fits into your daily routine and activities. You want them to take care of their health and body.

They are open to opinions of other people and have a lot of social network in their life. Ruler of 7th house in 8th: You are attracted to deep and intense partners, and those that are able to handle your transformations.

Brooke Vincent sizzles as Catwoman at fancy dress ball amid Niall Horan relationship rumours

You need someone with whom you could explore the occult and darker aspects of life. You are willing to devote your heart and soul and expect the same in return. Ruler of 7th house in 9th: Your partner must share the same beliefs and eagerness to learn about different cultures. Someone who is highly intellectual and wants to travel is perfect for you.

Individuals from foreign countries entice you. Ruler of 7th house in 10th: You want someone who could elevate your status and likely has a lot of connections.

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They must be able to take charge and also support your professional goals.