Gay aries and aries compatibility

She is distant, never sits still, and very shy. But I love her optimism and passion for life cause I rather lay back and chill. But for all aries women who read this. Be as loving and close to ur pisce lover as possible. As a pisce I wanna say we need a woman who feels like she needs us and not just want us as another thing on there long list of things to do. Like the writings above said, I find it so hard to figure out what exactly I am supposed to be giving and where I stand with my pisces guy.

So far what has seemed to work is giving him patience and letting him take the lead on the level of our relationship. The insecurity is killing me, but how can I let go of the happiness and calm and security he brings to me? Do you have any more advice for aries women? Im a pisces man.

We are all sensitve. Keep giving us this and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

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Tell us what you like sexually to cos we will experiment with the best of them. We like surprises to and love notes in our lunch boxes. Imma Aries woman inlove with a Pieces woman and boy is it passionate we just have this natural attraction. I guess im an odd Aries cuz I love smothering her with affection and attention and also know when to give her alone time aswell as she respects mines. I think for any sign you have to know yourself so you know what you can tolerate, and you also have to know how to really love…thats the key …….

Oh and yes Aries are bossy but sometime you have to step back and know wrong from right…….

Aries man questions

It took my guy 6 months to ask me to be his girlfriend, and almost 6 months for him to tell me that he loved me drunk dialing does not count. Is it normal for a pisces guy to take things very slowly in the beginning of a relationship? You know I agree as well with the respect to the imput of the Pisces males. Cause the union between me an my Pisces male has always had me confused since day on and its going on 10yrs.

We still are not and have never been in a relationship and now have two kids and lived together twice. Its like a constant yield with void all thru our involvement. The continuous never knowing where you stand with them but feeling like you would be lost if you ever left or wanted out. I have never been in love like this ever in my life and have never found anyone else who would even come close to how he makes me feel.

Need more specific pisces male input. By the way I am to an Aries woman. In every way shape form and fashion.

Aries and Aries Love Compatibility

And trust me pisces men love to be chased from time to time. Thank you. Ive been hurt but I knoe he wants me to be strong. He chose to take a journey to continue to set his priority straight for the better for us. He feels that he can not give me, what I gave him. He says that his lost and needs to find himself. He mention that he loves me and see me as his eife in the end. So I worry? Or just stay strong?

How do you know Exactly where I am in this? I need some serious help getting through, over, past this man. Will he ever settle with anyone or will he always swin around no matter who he is with?

OMG: Jeffery02 you are so on point… I agree!!!! Very profound actually, well for any aries woman who needs comfort in knowing that the relationship can work. So whatever problems we encounter, we have always been able to communicate well. I was very wishy washy and I think that caused her to distance herself from the thing we had going.

Nor will you find one quite so adventurous and ready to test uncharted waters. The man has a unique capacity to handle grief more quickly than others and this ability to move on from a failed relationship can make him seem aloof or even callous to some. High energy necessitates a healthy diet and exercise which the Aries man usually maintains.

A natural leader, the Aries man enjoys the challenge of new projects and prefers giving direction to receiving it. With a dislike for repetitive tasks, the Aries man may be found in one of these professions: doctor, dentist, lawyer, stock broker, or professional athlete. Future Forecast Report. All About Aries Aries Ascendant. Be sure to find out your personal astrology data online, at no cost. See our Synastry article for more advanced relationship analysis techniques. Intermediate and advanced students of Astrology might enjoy our article, SoulMate Astrology. Determine the positions of Venus and Mars by sign and learn the sexual secrets of your partner, and yourself!

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Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Cafe Astrology. Understanding Aries Men The high-energy Aries man is always up for a challenge in both his personal and professional lives. The Aries man has both ambition and a spirit for adventure, making him an ideal entrepreneur.

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The Gay Aries Lover: What are you getting into?

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Aries - The Horned Ram - ROMEO

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Gay Zodiac Sign Soulmates Compatibility [LGBTQ]

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